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Polite, Professional & Trained Property Maintenance Team

Our range of residential and commercial property maintenance services are possible to carry out only with a fully trained team. At Priceless Maintenance, we ensure your property’s upkeep is professionally handled. We strive to meet your needs and care for your property like it’s our own. Get in touch with us and let’s help you maintain your property.

Dependable and Priceless

“Their service is priceless. Evan is dependable and ensured I was able to get both out in the morning before work and in after work. This was a stress free winter. You so rock, Evan. Thank you so much. PRICELESS for sure…”

N. Deschambault - 09/10/2020

Reliable, Diligent & Open-minded

“We had the team of Priceless Maintenance take care of our yard and residence for several years and it has been a pleasure! Evan & Vicky are ‘one-of-kind' business owners - reliable, diligent and open minded. No contract is too big or too small. Keep up the great work!”

W. Frank - 09/10/2020

Punctual, Thorough & Take Pride In Their Work

“You will only ever receive friendly, polite, professional and properly trained team members at Priceless Maintenance. They are punctual, thorough and take pride in their work. They take your personal requests, needs and mobility requirements into consideration every time. Priceless Maintenance uses a combination of plow, hand shovels and snow blowers to remove the snow on your driveway, deck, pathways and sidewalks leaving you a safe and manicured walking or rolling pathway during our sometimes harsh Ontario winters. I highly recommend Priceless Maintenance. Not only for their winter services but for their all season services as well. They are truly one of Ottawa Valley's hidden gems.”

L. Cuffe-Trauner - 09/10/2020

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